LifeLines: An Inspirational Journey from Profound Darkness to Radiant Light by Melissa Bernstein

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Book Description

Defy your despair and find your inner peace by taking help from this self-help book, LifeLines. The author, Melissa Bernstein, tells her journey to success over her depression. She explains when darkness spread all around; hold the rope of hope to find the way out. The hope leads the barer towards the meaning and purpose of life. Her thoughts, struggles, vision, and strength enlighten the hope in the heart of the reader to embrace himself. It is one of the worth reading self-help books for people who are suffering anxiety, stress, overthinking, and hopelessness. Our online books store in Pakistan provides this motivational self-help book at the best price via online books shopping in Pakistan.


• Melissa Bernstein writes LifeLines to show her struggle with anxiety and depression.

• She does not only reveal her journey but also provides a solution to triumph over these challenges.

• It inspires the readers to find the real meaning of their life to restore hope.

• The 637 pages encompass the aspects of life challenges, breakthroughs, survivals, optimism, and courage.

• It is published on March 16, 2021, and now available at our online bookstore. provides an ultimate way to shop your favorite books from the USA to Pakistan. If you want to buy this self-help book, click on the button of order now. We import and send it to you at your request with the ease of Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan.

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