Kill Creek by Scott Thomas Paperback

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  • Scott Thomas

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Book Description

Dare to read the thrilling horror story of Kill Creek at midnight. It is the spooky tale of a man who accepted the dare to spend Halloween night in a haunted house. He was also accompanied by three other people, who take this challenge as a publicity stunt. They experience deadly horror scenes, lurking shadows, threatening sounds, and much more. These acts make them awake for a whole night. If you like horror books or dark fiction books, buy this one to boost the spooky entertainment. You can find this fiction novel in our collection of horror books online in Pakistan. It is the ultimate pick for people who have a craze for horror stories.


• The bestselling horror author Scott Thomas has written Kill Creek.

• The story is based on the fiction story of a writer who spends a night in a ghost-occupied house.

• The spooky scenes make the story thrilling, adventurous, action-packed, and entertaining for horror stories lovers.

• It is a fusion of horror and psychological thriller, so the reader cannot stop reading it at a time.

• The classic horror ambiance makes the tale more interesting, captivating, and imaginable for readers.

• It is published by Inkshares on October 31, 2017, and is available here at our online bookstore in Pakistan. provides a reliable platform for books online orders in Pakistan, so you can rely on us to buy this horror book from the USA. Only hit the option order now, and let us bring the horror story novel to you through Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan.

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