Julius Rosenwald Biography Book Repairing the World by Hasia R. Diner

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  • Hasia R. Diner

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Book Description

Julius Rosenwald was a kind and humble magnate who transformed the practices of Charity with his unique ideas. Hasia R. Diner has written the biography of Julius Rosenwald under the flag of the Jewish Lives Series. According to Rosenwald, one should give charity in the present to improve the future automatically. He always supported African Americans and Jewish to strengthen the bond between them. It helped Jewish lives to flourish and influence in a good way. Online Pakistan Books Store features this book in the category of famous biographies, so you can easily buy bestselling books in Pakistan. 
Julius Rosenwald's biography belongs to the prize-winning Jewish Lives Series in which interpretative format is followed to portray the influential Jewish figure. 
Hasia R. Diner has beautifully imprinted Julius Rosenwald upon philosophy, economic life, religion, ideology, literature, and politics. 
The book also explores the depth of Rosenwald's experience to let readers get inspiration. 
The new ideas for Philanthropy make Rosenwald a renowned and memorized figure from the Jewish community. 
This biography has also won Axiom Book Award for its influential narration and concept. 
1st edition was released on October 24, 2017, by Yale University Press.
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