Jane Eyre (Dover Thrift Editions) Classic Novels by Charlotte Brontë

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Book Description

Jane Eyre is an Antique and Collectibles book that tells the classic literary fiction story of an orphan girl. Charlotte Brontë made a tough decision to give a unique touch to the fictional character, Jane Eyre. It is the story of bravery, dedication, power, and hope that make this Classic Romance Fiction more fascinating for fiction novel lovers. Therefore, you will find it in the featuring collection at the Pakistan books store for online book shopping in Pakistan. If you like reading historical literature, you will love reading this literature for its classic storyline.

  • Jane Eyre was written by a renowned novelist from English literature, Charlotte Brontë.
  • She wrote this novel about an impoverished orphan girl who was followed by cruel relatives for custody.
  • The story is loaded with secrets, mystery, suspense, hope, horror, emotions, feelings, and romance.
  • Each turn of a page reveals a new twist that makes the story more engraving and interesting.
  • The hint of gothic romance makes it a bit sensual for young readers.
  • If you are a feminist, you will definitely like the context and story of Jane Eyre.
  • 1st edition was published on March 5, 2012, by Dover Publications.

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