Introducing Buddha Buddhism Religion Book A Graphic Guide by Jane Hope

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  • Jane Hope

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Book Description

Introducing Buddha illuminates the teachings of the Buddha through easy to understand graphic guide. The author describes the meaning of life that helps experience the truth on your own. Thus, students, who are exploring Buddhism, should read this graphic guide to let you explore the rich legacy of Buddha. The incredible illustrations make it easier for beginners to learn the poses of meditation. Our Pakistan Books Store features the original Introducing Buddha book under the title of Buddhist history books. If you are doing research on Buddhism, consider reading it for once. You can buy bestselling books in Pakistan from our platform to improve your knowledge about Buddha and Buddhism. 
An Oxford-based writer Jane Hope has written “Introducing Buddha” in graphic novel style. 
Borin Van Loon has illustrated each chapter to make every concept more understandable. 
It contains the great Buddha stories with a rich legacy to explain their ideology. 
It also explains the practices of Zen, Taoism, and meditation through superb graphics. 
The author describes the role of Buddhism in the modern world, as it is building a great influence on Western thought. 
This edition was released by Icon Books publisher on the date December 15, 2004. facilitates Pakistani customers with the best service for online book shopping in Pakistan. So, you can also find this Buddhism book in our collection for the best books shopping in Pakistan. Place online order and let us import the book from Amazon to Pakistan at your request. 

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