In the Shadow of the Queen A Fiction Book by Kim Stokely

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  • Kim Stokely

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Book Description

In the Shadow of the Queen is a literature book featuring the story of a young seamstress who had the dedication for education and work. This literature fiction novel shows how she entered the decaying world where everyone was after power. Since she had a strong belief in God and dedicated traditions, she stayed firm to keep herself away from the political maneuvering. You can find this world literature book in our collection for online book shopping in Pakistan, so you can buy it to take a deep insight into this story from history. Our Pakistan books store features this book here to make you buy bestselling books in Pakistan. 

  • Kim Stokely has written In the Shadow of the Queen to tell the history of queen supremacy in Jerusalem. 
  • The story shows the enduring courage of a young girl whose faithfulness made her a powerful woman from history. 
  • The book also tells how most people were drawn into political maneuvering to satisfy the lust for power. 
  • It contains a subtle dose of drama, suspense, emotion, faith, and dedication to make the story more engraving for readers. 
  • The 1st edition was published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on date September 26, 2018. provides the easiest means for the best book shopping in Pakistan, so it is a reliable way to buy this book for your in-home library. Simply place your online order now to gain our services with home delivery and easy payment methods.

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