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Combat Muay Boran (in English) Combat Muay Boran is a traditional fighting style, original of Thailand, structured for barehanded fisticuff. Compared to showy fighting so popular nowadays in martial arts movies and demonstrations, Combat Muay Boran’s main goal is making men and women ready for all-out fighting. Muay Boran as it is practised in all International Muay Boran Academy’s branches worldwide is fully combat oriented. IMBA’s technical curriculum has been continuously revised and perfected since the Academy was founded by Arjarn Marco De Cesaris back in 1993. The Combat Muay Boran techniques illustrated in this book are based on the Chern Muay Style of fighting: the aggressive use of the 9 body weapons or Nawarthawooth for attack and counter attack purpose, combined with the 4 ancestral Close Combat strategies used by the Royal Thai Army‘s "special units”: Tum (throwing to the ground), Tap (crush), Chap (grab), Hak (break). • Grand Master Marco De Cesaris He has been a Muay Thai practitioner since 1978 and has been certified as a teacher of Muay by the Ministry of Education of Thailand (in 1991). During his career he was an athlete, coach of professional thai boxers, judge / referee, promoter and founder of the first Italian Muay Thai Federation. In 2012 in Thailand he was awarded the 15th Khan of Muay Thai Boran (Bramarjarn or Grand Master of the Art) and Gold Mongkon by the Governor of Ayuddhaya Province. He is the founder and technical director of the International Muay Boran Academy (IMBA), the worldwide organization devoted to the development and spread of Muay Boran in the world, since 1993. IMBA is currently present in 26 countries, Europe, North America, Latin America and Australia. Master De Cesaris since 2005 has developed a modern scientific version of Muay Lert Rit (Military Close Combat) adapted to civilian use, which has become an integral part of the IMBA technical curriculum, along with Combat Muay Boran, the most combative interpretation of Thai Traditional martial art and Muay Pram, the deadly Siamese grappling.'s Advice
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