Iconic American House Architectural Masterworks by Dominic Bradbury

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Book Description

Iconic American House is an architecture book that shows the architectural masterpieces of American residential buildings since the 20th century. Authors give tribute to the great architects by showing their masterworks and their architectural history of influential buildings in the United States. Whether you are an architect or studying architecture, this art history book can give you deep insight into groundbreaking talent. Pakistan books store has brought the architectural literature to our place for online book shopping in Pakistan. So, buyers can use our services to buy bestselling books in Pakistan.

  • A journalist Dominic Bradbury and an architecture photographer Richard Powers collaborate to give them insight into American architectural innovation in this book Iconic American House.
  • It features fifty influential houses and buildings which were designed since 1900.
  • The architecture of each house was an experimentation of local material, an art form, and technology with the client’s requirement.
  • The book covers the length and breadth of America by simply highlighting the recognizable buildings.
  • The 490 colored pictures with concise and informative text make you view the iconic architecture through a literary guide.
  • An illustrated edition was published by Thames & Hudson on date October 6, 2020.

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