Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos) by Dan Simmons

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  • Dan Simmons

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Book Description

Hyperion is a science-fiction novel by the award-winning author Dan Simmons. Hyperion is the fictional world where a gigantic creature resides. Some people worship him, and some are afraid of him. However, some people want to destroy him to live a free life in their town. It is the enthralling story of Hyperion where pilgrims try their best to solve the riddle of their lives in the presence of the gigantic creature Shrike. The story is loaded with thrill, fiction, action, adventure, suspense, and twists. These features make it worthwhile reading for fiction or fantasy novel lovers. Our online bookstore in Pakistan features this novel in the collection of epic fantasy books online in Pakistan.


• The author of The Hollow Man, Dan Simmons, has written the science fiction novel Hyperion.

• The thriller story captivates so much suspense, mystery, and excitement that keep the reader within the story.

• Every scene comes with an unexpected twist that makes the story captivating and interesting for the reader.

• The writer brings the unfailingly imaginative narrative to make it worthwhile reading for young adults.

• It is published on March 1, 1990, by Spectra publisher.

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