Hwa Rang Do Defend Take Down Submit A Sports Book by Taejoon Lee

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  • Taejoon Lee

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Book Description

Hwa Rang Do: Defend, Take Down, Submit is an individual self defence book on martial arts, providing a comprehensive guide on self-defense techniques. Authors write it for beginners and students to let them learn basic strikes and defensive techniques at home. Whether you want to learn martial art evolution, the latest techniques, or its dynamic system, you will find everything in this self help book. Here we bring karate books to our Pakistan bookstore to make you buy bestselling books in Pakistan. 

  • Hwa Rang Do is written by Taejoon Lee and Mark Cheng, who collaborated to bring the informative, definitive, and well-researched martial art techniques. 
  • Authors want to revive the traditions of Hwarang warriors, so they have added everything about Hwa Rang Do from history to technique. 
  • The detailed pictures with instructions help the reader to easily understand the technique. 
  • It teaches the reader how to defense, attack, and submit to let you give the best performance when you need it the most. 
  • This illustrated edition was published on December 1, 2005, by the Black Belt Communications. 
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