How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen by Joanna Faber and Julie King

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Book Description

How to talk so Little Kids Will Listen is the best must-have guidebook for parents and caregivers. Pediatricians and teachers consider it the best baby and toddler parenting book as it provides all essential tips to raise children to cope with life challenges. It helps the parents to build strong relationships and bonds with children through powerful communication and activities. Authors design the guidelines as per Popular Child Psychology to let parents understand their child’s capability. You can also find this book as the bestselling in the collection of Communication & Social Skills books from Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan.


• Joanna Faber and Julie King write How to talk so Little Kids Will Listen by using their experience in parenting and child psychology.

• They mention concrete tools and tips to improve communication with a young child to strengthen the bond.

• It also includes the ideas of communicational activities for kids with parents.

• They also address strategies to find and cope with the special need of autistic children and physically challenged children.

• It is published by Scribner Publisher, on January 10, 2017. is the reliable online books store in Pakistan to buy the best parenting books from the USA in Pakistan. You only require placing your order here to buy it with the convenience of online book shopping in Pakistan. We will deliver your requested book to your doorstep within the given delivery time.

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