Green Arrow Vol. 1: The Death and Life Of Oliver Queen

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  • Benjamin Percy

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Book Description

The Death and Life of Oliver Queen is a comic and graphic novel from the famous graphic series Green Arrow. The facility of online book shopping in Pakistan brings this Green Arrow Vol. 1 to our online books store to let you find how Emerald Archer is reborn in this story. He is Oliver Queen, the CEO of Queen industries. But he is also a social justice warrior, which makes him a green arrow. The story is about how green arrow defeats the traitors and does Oliver Queen gets caught by death. You can find the answer by buying bestselling books in Pakistan from this famous warrior book series.

  • Green Arrow Vol. 1 is written by a DC comic author, Benjamin Percy, who has also won an award for his other graphic books.
  • The story features the DC universe rebirth, in which Green arrow aka., Emerald archer leads to protect the innocents and fight the traitors.
  • Every scene reveals a new twist in the story that makes it super engraving and captivating for readers.
  • Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra have illustrated each scene to make every scene and event more imaginative.
  • It contains all entertainment factors, such as romance, action, adventure, fiction, suspense, mystery, emotions, etc.
  • The illustrated edition was published by DC comics on date January 10, 2017. makes it feasible to buy the best DC comic books at the best price in Pakistan. You can have an amazing experience with the best book shopping in Pakistan. All you need is to give your online order, and it will get sent to your place in the nearest soon.

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