The Big Fun Kids Baking Book by Food Network Magazine

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Book Description

Food Network Magazine presents The Big, Fun Kids Baking Book in their collection of the best cooking books. This cookbook for beginners teaches numerous delicious and easy sweets, desserts, and treats with easy guidelines. If you are an enthusiast to bake your favorite desserts, consider this recipe book the ultimate guide. The easy recipes with useful tips make it the best cookbook for kids who love trying adventure recipes in their spare time. You can buy cooking books and other New York Times bestseller books at our Pakistan books store with the amazing service of online book shopping in Pakistan. 

The Big, Fun Kids Baking Book contains over 110 delicious recipes, including brownies, cookies, cupcakes, bars, muffins, quick bread, cakes, etc. 
Each recipe has a tempting photo of dessert that makes you try them out. 

All recipes are simple and foolproof with some pro trips so junior chefs can try them in their kitchen. 

It also has bonus food-themed activity pages containing different games such a word scramble, spot the difference game, etc. 
Kids can also learn fun food crafts, e.g., cookie puzzle pieces, DIY sprinkles, etc.
It is published by Hearst Home Kids on date July 27, 2021.
It is the perfect cookbook for kids of age 8 to 12 years. features the best facility to buy bestselling books in Pakistan with the ease of reliable payment methods and easy home delivery. You only need to place your order online for the best book shopping in Pakistan and wait to receive it at your home door.

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