Dictionary of the Strange Curious & Lovely 3500 Most Beautiful English Vocabulary Words

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Book Description

Dictionary of the Strange, Curious and Lovely is a collection of English's 3500 most interesting & beautiful words!
Learn unusual but useful and lovely English words
Words such as chiliad, chirm, circumcrescent, davening, firedrake, limerance, moonglade, petrichor, psithurisim, squillion, and tourbillion.
Words that sound cool and have interesting definitions!
The perfect gift for Word Lovers, Poets, or Writers!
Weird words, unusual words, interesting words, obscure vocabulary - that lovely fringe of English whose words you most want to enjoy and share!
A portable, succinct dictionary that does not overburden the reader with extensive citations or etymological references. Meant as a compact, medium font, very accessible and easily readable collection of vocabulary words to delight and pique the reader's interest. This book contains many of the English language's hidden gems! Some words are labeled as obsolete or rare and may not not be found in all dictionaries.
This is a perfect gift for word lovers, writers, college students, and all who enjoy learning and appreciating more of the English language. Includes some example usages (often literary or poetical quotes) and select etymologies, often with cognates from other languages that are related words.

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