Den of Vipers A Romance Book By K.A Knight

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  • K.A Knight

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Book Description

Den of Vipers is a contemporary romance book, featuring the bold and dark story of a girl who takes revenge on the Vipers. Our online books store features it for online book shopping in Pakistan because of its enthralling, sensuous, and dark scenes. Vipers are a team of four men who are famous for their non-mercy behavior and cruelty. An old man sold her daughter to them for sake of compensating his debt. The story becomes super interesting when a girl makes them feel regret to get her. If you like reading romantic suspense and revenge story, you should consider this best book shopping in Pakistan.

  • A famous Romance Author K. A Knight has written the dark fiction story of Vipers and an innocent girl.
  • It is the story of bravery, courage, determination, revenge, and boldness.
  • The story becomes enticing when the non-mercy vipers start getting the karma sourced from a young girl.
  • This book also contains some graphic sex scenes, sexual assault scenes, and triggering scenes, so avoid reading if you don’t like such content.
  • It is a dark book, so young adults love reading it for its bold storyline.
  • This novel is independently published on date July 10, 2020. makes it feasible to buy bestselling books in Pakistan at a reasonable price. Simply give your online order, and we will deliver it to you at your home door. The easy payment options and home delivery facility make us reliable for book readers.

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