Cruel Beauty A young Adult Fanatsy Novel by Rosamund Hodg

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  • Rosamund Hodge

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Book Description

Cruel Beauty is an engrossing tale of Nyx, who knows that she has to marry the evil ruler to save the people from his tyranny. But, when she married that evil ruler, she found the mysterious magical rooms in the castle that enthralled her. She starts attracting towards the evil person unwillingly. So she needs to overcome her feeling to keep her revenge high. This story is the fusion of thrill, romance, and mystery, so the reader will feel captivated within that magical castle. Our online Pakistan books store facilitates bibliophiles with the facility of Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan. So, you can consider our online books order website to buy this Teen & Young Adult fantasy novel from an online bookstore. 
Cruel Beauty is written by a young novelist Rosamund Hodge.
She adds the elements of fantasy, Disney tale, lush romance, dark love story, mystery, and thrill. 
The strong character of Nyx builds a strong bond with the reader, so the reader can feel every bit of her feelings. 
The ‎368 pages of dark love story will provide endless adventure to readers. 
The reading age for this fantasy novel is 13 - 17 years. 
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