Controversies in the Management of STEMI by Timothy Henry MD

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Book Description

‘Controversies in the Management of STEMI’ is a medical book on cardiology written to discuss the issue related to STEMI management. Our Pakistan books store features this medicine book here for online book shopping in Pakistan to let the cardiologists comprehend the challenges of Interventional Cardiology Clinics. If you are going to run a cardiology clinic, you should consider this book as a guide because it covers all related problems that you may face. It is a one-of-the-kind medical encyclopedia that makes STEMI management streamlined by pinpointing the areas of defects. You can buy bestselling books in Pakistan from our place by your simple hit-on order now.


  • Timothy Henry MD, a director of Cardiology at Smidt Heart Institute, has written the Controversies in the management of STEMI to subject the interventional cardiology clinics.
  • The book discusses the systems of care, time to treatment, false-positive activation, etc., that cardiologists may encounter at the cardiology clinic.
  • It also covers comprehensive detail about global challenges related to cardiovascular disease and advanced cardiogenic shocks.
  • The author tells how one can deal with the situation when a patient is far from the hospital during cardiac arrest.
  • The first edition was published by Elsevier on October 6, 2016. becomes a reliable place for the best book shopping in Pakistan because of its steadfast services. When you place your online order, we make sure that you will get your product at your place within the provided delivery time. We have multiple payment options that make it more reliable for making the best purchase.

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