Computers Made Easy From Dummy To Geek A Book by James Bernstein

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  • James Bernstein

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Book Description

If you are looking for a basic computer book, you should buy Computer Made Easy: Dummy to Geek. It is the fundamental computer and internet book, designed to teach all basic computer skills without any complex terms. Whether you want to understand Home Computer Networks or you are a beginner in the computer field, you can rely on this computer guidebook for your understanding. We feature it at our Pakistan books store to make you learn about computers, operating systems, software, and hardware. We make you buy bestselling books in Pakistan with the best service for online book shopping in Pakistan. 

  • James Bernstein has written Computer Made Easy to provide top-level understanding about the computer peripheral to basic networking without a complex education. 
  • It covers all basic topics, such as windows, software, the internet, email, antivirus, backup and protection, Wi-Fi, troubleshooting, cloud storage, security, and more. 
  • People who want to understand computers to the fullest should read this book for all general and important topics.
  • The easy-to-understand writing style and basic knowledge make it the best computer book for beginners. 
  • It is independently published on date June 12, 2018. is the right place for the best book shopping in Pakistan because we provide imported books with easy payment options. All you require is to place your order here and let us bring your ordered book to you at your home door.

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