COMBAT MUAY BORAN Sports Book by Marco de Cesaris

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Book Description

Combat Muay Boran is a Martial Arts book featuring famous individual sports, Combat Muay Boran. It is the traditional karate style that originates from Thailand. This fighting technique is actually the barehanded fisticuff that is a typical fight with fists. The author tells all techniques with an easy-to-understand orientation to let a reader get trained at home. Online books store offers this amazing sports book here for online book shopping in Pakistan, so you can get them for learning Combat Muay Boran. You can buy bestselling books in Pakistan with our amazing book shopping facilities.

  • Combat Muay Boran is written by Marco De Cesaris, who is a famous Muay Thai Practitioner and trainer.
  • The fighting techniques in the book tell the use of nine body weapons that can be used for attacking and defending purposes.
  • It also features four traditional combat strategies, i.e., Tum, Tap, Chap, and Hak.
  • Every technique is well-explained through illustrations, so it is easier to get trained with Combat Muay Boran.
  • You need to learn the technique and practice it with safety to make yourself trained for self-defense.
  • It was published in Italian by Edizioni Mediterranee on date June 24, 2015, but now it is available here in the English Language. facilitates the martial arts learners to get this amazing book at a reasonable price. You can avail our facility of the best book shopping in Pakistan by simply giving your order here. We ensure its timely delivery to your place within the given delivery time.

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