Collectibles And Antiques Handbook & Price Guide 2021-2022 By Judith Miller

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  • Judith Miller

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Book Description

Miller's Collectibles Handbook & Price Guide 2021-2022 is a famous antiques and collectibles book that guides antique lovers to the collectibles market. If you love collecting vintage items, antique pieces, and antiquated jewelry, you should go with this online book shopping in Pakistan. It is itself a master guide as it tells about auctioneers, collectors, and dealers to collect valuable antique items from history. Pakistan books store features Miller’s collectibles in our collection for the best book shopping in Pakistan so you can opt for it as a reference book for the antique enthusiast. 


  • Judith Miller, the antique expert, has used her experience and knowledge to write the easy guide on antique and collectibles. 
  • The book features over 4000 items with in-depth descriptions, a colored picture, and an estimated price. 
  • The featuring antique collectibles include toys, jewelry, handbags, trunks, pencils, and more. 
  • The antique enthusiast can easily learn the trick to identify the rare and precious antique from the tons of vintage items. 
  • It is the best present for people who are love collecting vintage and unique objects from history. 
  • The Mitchell Beazley Publisher has published it on date April 20, 2021. assists you to buy bestselling books in Pakistan by presenting them in a spruce collection. You can obtain the opportunity by giving your order online. We make it certain that you will get your ordered book at your place with no hassle. The easy payment modes also make our services reliable and steadfast for buying the best literature from the USA.


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