Coding for Kids: Python Learning Book by Adrienne Tacke

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  • Adrienne Tacke

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Book Description

Coding for kids is a gaming book that teaches kids the basics of python programming language through fun games and activities. If your kids have an interest in computers and technology, you should consider this programing book for online book shopping in Pakistan. It makes kids learn all basic steps from coding to debugging the codes. It is a creative yet informative children’s book that makes kids familiar with the python programming languages. You can buy bestselling books in Pakistan from our Pakistan books store to make kids learn coding in real-time.

  • Adrienne Tacke, a software engineer, smartly wrote Coding for Kids: Python to encourage kids to learn a python programming language.
  • It has 50 fun interactive activities and games that teach all basics, from building blocks of programming to game development.
  • Kids age 10 and above can easily understand and learn python through fun games.
  • Kids can learn to create code blocks using prewritten modules, debugging codes, and more.
  • Every topic and instruction is supported by sample code with an in-detail explanation for easy understanding.
  • The illustration and screenshots are also available for reference and easy guidance.
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