Clinical Microbiology Made Easy A Science Book by Dr Joshua Larsen

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Book Description

Microbiology: Clinical Microbiology Made Easy is the Biological Sciences book, written to master all basics through concise learning. This microbiology book introduces this science category and gradually teaches the advance of all fundamentals. If you are studying microbiology, you should read this literature for mastering microbiology. Pakistan books store makes it accessible to you by presenting it for online book shopping in Pakistan. The comprehensive information, details, and guide make it easier for students to understand this field of science to the fullest. You can buy bestselling books in Pakistan by simply giving your online order here.

  • The experts of microbiology, Dr. Joshua Larsen and Dr. Maria Evans, wrote this microbiology book to provide comprehensive learning on all fundamentals of microbiology.
  • The book covers traits of microorganisms, including their types, diversity, classes, replication, structure, clinical appearance, virulence factor, etc.
  • It also tells how microbes affect our lives by causing mild to chronic diseases and how they can be diagnosed?
  • Authors separately discuss fungi and viruses because they are dominant classes of microbes.
  • If you have any vague understanding of microbial life, you should consult this book for easy learning and better understanding.
  • 1st edition was published on November 20, 2016, by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. has made the best book shopping in Pakistan easier by providing convenient shopping facilities. When you place your order online, we will bring it to your place within the provided delivery time.

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