Cinder: The Lunar Chronicles Book Series by Marissa Meyer

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  • Marissa Meyer

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Book Description

Cinder is a Science Fiction novel that belongs to the bestselling Lunar Chronicle Series. Our online books store features it here for online book shopping in Pakistan because it is in high demand. Readers who like fantasy novels will love the fusion of fairy tales and science fiction in this story. It is the story of a young girl Cinder, who has a mysterious past and struggling present. But, her life changes when she met handsome Prince Kai. The story shows the struggle of cinder, who is caught between freedom and duty and betrayal and loyalty. If you want to read the famous Lunar Chronicle, start with this novel. You can buy bestselling books in Pakistan by simply using our services.

  • Cinder is written by the bestselling author of the famous Lunar Chronicle Series, i.e., Marissa Meyer.
  • The story features the struggle of a cyborg who fought with a villain from outer space to save the earth.
  • It has all entertainment elements, such as action, thrill, romance, compassion, hope, adventure, and suspense.
  • It is the mesh-up of fantasy and science fiction that makes it super captivating for readers.
  • The reading age for this YA fantasy book is 11 years and above.
  • It is the 2nd edition, released by Square Fish on date January 1, 2013. facilitates you with the convenient service for the best book shopping in Pakistan. Simply give your online order here, and let us bring it to your home door. We ensure that you will get it at your doorstep within the given delivery time.

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