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Castlevania The Art of the Animated Series Book by Frederator Studios

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Book Description

Castlevania: The Art of the Animated Series is an art book, telling about the behind story of animated series development. It is totally based on the famous Netflix show Castlevania so you will find hidden events in this adventurous series. Whether you are a fan of the animated series Castlevania or an animated artist, you will find this fantasy art book the best at our Pakistan books store. We present it at our place for online book shopping in Pakistan to let you buy bestselling books in Pakistan. 

  • Frederator Studios, an animation company, has brought this art book Castlevania to let the fans explore the work behind the Castlevania animation development. 
  • The ultra-detailed artworks in terms of pictures are available to show the behind-the-scenes. 
  • It contains unseen illustrations of characters, monsters, and environments that make the reader witness the effort behind the popular show. 
  • The reader will see how artists adapt the design to make every scene captivating, interesting, and indulging. 
  • It was released by Dark Horse Books on date August 31, 2021. 
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