Cashless Business Economics Book China's Digital Currency Revolution

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  • Richard Turrin

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Book Description

Cashless is a book about the transition from cash to digital currency in China. The author has written this informatory China Revolution Book to provide the factors and aspects behind the currency revolution. He also told the importance of digital currency that improves financial technology as a whole. Cryptocurrency is the major topic in this book to depict the futuristic approach in finance management. If you know and learn more about China Revolution, buy this book online in Pakistan and read it for once. It is available through our online bookstore in Pakistan who will let you get the literature from the USA at the best price.


• Cashless: China's Digital Currency Revolution is written by Richard Turrin, who designed this look to portray the roadmap to digital currency in China.

• He told that China’s digital currency makes you predict the upcoming thread to the US dollar dominance.

• The China revolution for a currency has occurred to make cross-border payments easy to transfer and managed.

• It is a worthwhile reading book for all businessmen, leaders, professionals, and finance personnel.

• It is published on April 8, 2021, by Authority Publishing. enlists this China Revolution book as the best business book online in Pakistan. If you want to explore china's financial technology, read this literature. Our facility for Amazon online book shopping in Pakistan makes you get this best quality literature about the china revolution with the most convenient payment options.

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