Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage Paperback

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  • Zoje Stage

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Book Description

Baby Teeth is a psychological thriller novel that features horror, fiction, and action. The story is about a seven-year-old girl who is loved by her father but not by her mother. Her mother Suzette thinks that her girl has an evil power, so she has to get rid of her for safety. The frightening games of Hanna scared Suzette every day. There are a lot of twists, suspense, and mystery. The reader will transfer their sympathies from one to other characters as their relationship continues to crumble. If you like thriller and horror books, add this one to your horror books collection. We bring it to our online bookstore in Pakistan to let you buy books online in Pakistan with great ease.


• Baby Teeth is a famous horror book written by an American author Zoje Stage.

• She has introduced two influencing characters in the story that can captivate the reader’s attention.

• The storyline contains thrilling scenes, thought-provoking actions, lurking mysteries, and anonymous events.

• The reader can experience fun, entertainment, fantasy, and fiction by reading this horror book.

• It is published by Griffin on date July 16, 2019. enables horror story lovers to get this book online in Pakistan with the best experience of Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan. If you want it for our books collection, give the books order online in Pakistan. We will import it for you and ship it to you at your place with the free shipping facility.

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