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Mario Puzo was an Italian journalist who started his writing career with enthralling crime novels. His writings majorly belonged to crime stories, detective novels, and mystery books. He had unique writing skills that made him create an interesting story plot. In addition, he also wrote several screenplays that bring fame to his writing abilities. Our Pakistan books store features the best Mario Puzo books online in Pakistan to make you witness epic crime stories from the fictional world. The best of them include The Godfather, The Sicilian, Omerta, The Last Don, The fortunate pilgrim, Fools Die, The Dark Arena, The Fourth K, and more. You can find all his bestselling books in Pakistan at your platform for online book shopping in Pakistan. All you need to do is to explore this page, select the best one, and place your order for the best book shopping in Pakistan. We will send books to your place with a reliable payment option and within the provided delivery time.