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Joseph Delaney is an author of many dark fantasy novels and horror book series. Most of his horror stories are based on real places, exist in Lancashire. Thus, people reading the story can engage and feel every spooky scene of the story. He designed the story scene by taking inspiration from real-life ghost stories that may occur in that area. These features make his horror books worth reading for horror story lovers. When you search about Joseph Delaney's books, you will find a long list of Spook books. The bestselling books by Joseph Delaney are The Spook's Apprentice, The Spook's Secret, The Spook's Curse, The Spook’s Mistake, The Dark army, Arena 13, Brother Wolf, and more. In his books collection at our online bookstore in Pakistan, you can also find the award-winning children’s book from the dark fiction category. Explore his work to find the best books online in Pakistan and get it through the facility for Amazon online shopping in Pakistan. You can buy them by making books online order in Pakistan through our platform.