Atomic Habits: n Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear

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  • James Clear

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Book Description

Atomic Habits is a famous self-help book to learn about good practices and their importance in life. The author narrates the concept of good habits and reveals the effective strategies to form a good habit. It is the best self-help audiobook for people who want to groom their personalities naturally. No matter what goals you have, this book will help you adopt the best behavioral practices to embrace the overall nature. You can buy the complete Atomic Habits book in audiobook format from our online books collection in Pakistan. Our facility for Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan makes you buy this one from the USA.


• Atomic Habits is written and narrated by James Clear, who provides the tried and tested ways to transform a bad habit into a good one.

• He reveals the practical strategies to break the bad habit without compromising life goals.

• To prove his strategies, he links them with biology, neuroscience, and human psychology.

• This book does not only help you to build a good habit, but it also promotes you to achieve your life goals with the help of adopted habits.

• It also gives motivation and willpower to get success in your field of life with good habits.

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