Ashes of Her Love A Poetry Book by Pierre Alex Jeanty

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Book Description

Ashes of Her Love is a poetry book on the matter of Divorce. It portrays the fiction story of Pierre Alex Jeanty, featuring the blazing breakup of a woman. Our Pakistan books store brings this poetry book to the section of literature and fiction as authors give comprehension on heartbreak. If you enjoy reading Death, Grief & Loss Poetry, you should go with this book during online book shopping in Pakistan. The thought-provoking story and inspirational touch make it the best pick for best book shopping in Pakistan. You can buy bestselling books in Pakistan by simply placing your order online. 

  • Ashes of Her Love is written by an American poet Pierre Alex Jeanty with the collaboration of Jada Hawkins, Carla DuPont, Sarah Plamondon, and Ivy Tran. 
  • They write inspiring poetry that helps women who are facing heartbreaks in their life. 
  • Authors beautifully infused and paired words that give the powerful message of empowerment. 
  • Women can learn how to remove the burden of dead relationships and pursue happiness with freedom. 
  • At the end of this book, the reader will leave with new hope for creating a new love story. 
  • Pierre Jeanty published this book on date August 12, 2019. is the right place to buy the best poetry books at a reasonable price. All you need is to place your online order, and we will bring it to your home door within the nearest soon.

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