American Dervish A Fiction Novel by Ayad Akhtar

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  • Ayad Akhtar

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Book Description

American Dervish is a fiction novel that tells a story of a young American Muslim boy, Hayat Shah. The young Hayat falls in love with Mina, and it changes many things in his life. As he with his family struggled in the pre-9/11 world, he finds a beautiful escape after meeting Mina. However, the story has many more emotional and religious aspects that make the story more enthralling for fiction book lovers. Our online books store features this novel for its amazing storyline and plot, so bibliophiles can easily get it via online book shopping in Pakistan. If you want to buy bestselling books in Pakistan, you can rely on our services of the best book shopping in Pakistan.

  • American Dervish is written by a great screenwriter, Ayad Akhtar, who is known for his exceptional screenplays.
  • This fiction story shows the interplay of religion and the modern world that makes each scene thought-provoking for readers.
  • It gives an emotionally forceful look at abstract ideas, i.e., alternative versions of Islam, women’s role, and tolerance importance.
  • The beautiful writing style and the captivating story make the reader imagine every scene while reading its Cultural Heritage Fiction.
  • The Reprint edition of American Dervish is published on September 4, 2012, by Back Bay Books. enables fiction novel lovers to buy the best book at a reasonable price. You only need to place your order online, and we ensure its timely delivery to your place with reliable payment options.

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