Alamut Historical Fiction Book by Judith Tarr

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  • Judith Tarr

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Book Description

Alamut is a historical fantasy novel featuring the fiction story of Prince Aidan. Online books store marks this book as the bestselling one for online book shopping in Pakistan because it is historical and fictional. In this novel, Prince Aidan travels to take revenge for his nephew’s death, but he falls in love with a killer. Lady Morgiana is the sorceress who has killed many people on the order of Alamut, the master of the Assassins. This complicated plot makes this story interesting and captivating. If you like reading fantasy tales, you should buy bestselling books in Pakistan like Alamut.

  • The award-winning author of young adult fiction and fantasy books, Judith Tarr has written Alamut for classic fantasy lovers.
  • The story contains the fusion of love, high magic, war, peace, betrayal, honor, etc.
  • It shows the time of war between sultan Saladin and young Leper King, in which the world was divided into two parts.
  • The story contains all entertaining elements, such as twists, romance, history, fiction, adventure, and suspense.
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