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AI 2041 Ten Visiouns for Our Future by Kai-Fu Lee & Chen Qiufan

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  • Kai-Fu Lee

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Book Description

AI 2041 foretells the transformation of our lives in the upcoming two decades due to artificial intelligence. It is a collaboration work of a visionary writer and a technologist, so it is full of entertainment and information. According to the authors, intelligent technologies will not only bring ease to life but may also bring new risks in the shape of autonomous weapons. This non-fiction book also tells many ongoing projects related to AI technologies. People who have an interest in Artificial Intelligence & Semantics should read this book for one. Our Pakistan books store features it as the best Computers & Technology Industry to provide ease in online books shopping in Pakistan.
The former president of Google China, Kai-Fu Lee, and a novelist, Chen Quifan, have collaborated to write AI 2041: Ten Vision for Our Future to give quick insight into the upcoming future. 
It contains ten gripping short stories related to Artificial intelligence and computer science to show the widespread of this technology. 
The book shows AI’s radiant pathway that improves the standard of living while also elevating the perils for life. 
It contains a lot of information to let the reader better understand the AI future. 
It was published by the Currency publisher on date September 14, 202. 
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