Intercepts: A horror novel by T.J. Payne

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  • T.J. Payne

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Book Description

Intercepts is the thriller-horror novel by T.J. Payne, who is being famous for his written horror books. The story is about a teenage girl who starts experiencing a scary hallucination. She perceives the presence of a woman in her bedroom in the hospital. The woman screams and claws her skin that makes the scene more horrifying. These scenes become the reason for her mental breakdown, and she gets intercepted by the patients at the hospital. On each page, the reader indulges in the story and feels every petrifying scene. We bring this best horror book in our collection at an online bookstore in Pakistan so you can get it with the experience of Amazon books online shopping in Pakistan.


• Intercepts is written by T.J. Payne, an author of In My Father's Basement.

• The story captivates thrill, adventure, horror, suspense, mystery, and a lot more.

• These features won't make the readers put down the book.

• With each page turn, the reader will find unexpected plot twists and turns that make it enjoyable and entertaining for horror lovers.

• It is released on the date December 28, 2020, by Tunnel Falls Publisher. is the consistent and reliable place to get the best science fiction horror books online in Pakistan. So, you can find and buy this novel from our platform by simply placing books online order in Pakistan. We provide your ordered book to you at your home door with the free shipping opportunity.

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