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Book Description

1776 is an intense story of people who fought against colonial subjects and brought the American Revolution. 1776 was not only a prevailing year in American history but also the revolutionary period for Americans. The story is based on extensive research on British and American history, so the author brings the reality from the past. The unbiased narrative in the book helps the reader find out the view from the side of a layman, shoemaker, soldier, and even a king’s men. People who want to explore about American Revolution and American history should read this American Revolution Book for once. Our online bookstore in Pakistan brings this one to our online book bazaar to let you buy them through Amazon online book shopping in Pakistan.


• 1776 is the masterful memoir cum biography of people who march with General George Washington for the declaration of independence.

• David McCullough has written it to narrate the stirring story of America’s Survival.

• The powerful scenes, real scenarios, and dramatic twists make it a worthwhile reading history book.

• The narrated story shows the side of all Americans irrespective of their profession and occupation.

• The first edition is published by Simon & Schuster on date June 27, 2006.

• It is a perfect pick for young adults and grownups that have an interest in exploring American history.

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